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He Gets His "Intended to Be Mated" On With Sexual Harassment

Poised to overwhelm.

Alright then. In the last few posts we've looked at some of Tamarack Song's white supremacy, and we've examined his anti-activist hypocrisy, so what ought to be up next? We thought about launching into his Fake-Lore writings, but... yuck. We just did not have the stomach for that much New Age, wannabe phoniness this weekend.

It seems timely and appropriate now to go ahead and publish some of the letters Tamarack sent to a female applicant to the Wilderness Guide Program while he was still in the process of deciding who would be chosen to attend his school. Note that in the last letter in this post that what Tamarack terms the female student's "reluctance" is a classic sign of a woman backing away from a harasser. This same student will later be accused of having a "vendetta" against Tamarack when she declines further participation in his fraud. Cult leaders often hit on female seekers precisely for this reason - that they may later claim the woman-scorned defense against any females who confront their lies.

Previously published letters will open in their own separate web page. Our original remarks from those posts are in italics.

Lecherous Boy That He Is, Part I

After a visit to his school back in early Fall 2001, one of our contributors received this in their inbox. Looks like Song Boy is getting an itch he's a gonna wanna scratch, folks. "Screaming for release..."?

Now aren't you just dying to know which part of the Wilderness Guide Program covers that one?
From: "Tamarack Song"
To: No Name Necessary
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 20:03:36 -0700

Greetings ____,

Good to hear from you, and glad you arrived safely back. I think your time here was well chosen and well spent. I believe you may well be ready to face your fears and grow further into yourself. Knowing you even as slightly as I do, I'm clear that then you will have much that is uniquely you to gift back to the Healing. I caught glimpses of you that are screaming for release. And I think your personal background will lend itself to what you can contribute to your comrades as you all grow together. If it be intended that you partake in the Yearlong Program, you will grace it well.

I'll ask Rusty to send you the initial paperwork forthwith; you should have it within the next week.

In Balance,
Next is the handwritten letter that Tamarack mailed to the female applicant in November 2001, after receiving her required essay on why she wanted to participate in the Wilderness Guide Program. It has been rumoured that this woman was not the only one to receive such a letter over the years.

Let Me Immerse Myself in Your Breadth

Freezing-over Moon
waxing full

I don't read many peoples' works; in fact I don't read much at all anymore. I read your piece twice. It's not your depth of awareness that caught me, it's your breadth of awareness. Do you know how rare that is? Do you know how rare you are?

You gave me a window into your substance, clear as first-formed ice. I need to melt the ice, hold my breath and immerse myself. I respectfully ask if you will continue to share your breadth with me. I am willing to do same.

In Balance,
A Taste of Your Touch On the Fabric of Balance (this has not been previously published, so there is no separate web page).
From: "Tamarack Song"
To: Name Withheld
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001


I’m pensively preoccupied this morning, along with being touched by the seldom Sun -- a good time to share with you.

Your name, as I am guided by the dictionary, tells me that perhaps you are a woman of grace and honor. I already knew you well enough to suspect that. But I don’t know you well enough. Not near well enough. The voice of my dreamself urges me to come before you and respectfully ask if you might open yourself to me, and to offer the same of myself to you. You have approached me as a Seeker; perchance I will be your Guide. It may also be that we, as peers, will be both Seeker and Guide to each other.

It has been a long, long time since I’ve known someone who senses the synergy inherent in the meeting of compassion, the Spiral of Life and the intrinsic self -- and who can express it with a cadence resonant to mine. I cherish that you have gifted me a taste of your touch upon the fabric of Balance.

I believe we have been guided each to the other, for a reason that both encompasses us and reaches beyond us.


As to what might be intended for us I have not even a faint glimmering. But I am enlivened at the prospect of the unfolding, and I trust in it. From the onset I would like to be a Truthspeaker with you -- I will hold no secrets and will strive to be fully open to you and to the Voices.


Getting His Intended to Be Mated On

We wonder what would happen if a student applying to the University of Wisconsin received a letter like this from the Dean of Admissions. Slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit, perhaps? You better believe it.

By the way folks, we think Same Ole Song's hitting on female students anticipates the need to deflect any future criticism with the "spurned woman" excuse. Rumour has it that several women over the years have received one of these "intended to be mated" letters. We are putting the word out for copies.

We were in fact contacted by a woman who had also been on the receiving end of Tamarack's sexist abuse, but she asked that we not publish her story because she feared his retribution. As a survivor of male violence and the potential victim of more, she had every right to ask that of us, and we will continue to honor her request.
From: "Tamarack Song"
To: Name Withheld
Subject: This and
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001

So, you say it's been a while since you've met your match in a man. The same is true with me concerning a woman, and that may currently be changing forme as well. As you know, I felt some powerful resonance with you as I indulged in the piece you sent along with your application, and the timing of its arrival and a couple other signs involving you only reinforced the impact.

We may have been guided to each other for one of several reasons;one may be that we are intended to be mated. The prospect alone excites me, as I have lived alone for eight years now and I dearly miss the dimension a woman of shared spirit could bring to my life. Oh, there have been women,and I know women now, but I haven't known one with the rare courage and vision it would take to Walk beside me. Nor have I known a woman I have been able to be myself with in the fullest sense.

Better than a turn of the seasons ago I, quite by happenstance (yea, right!)found myself the holder of an appointment slot with Dr. Gregory Antonym, an intuitive healer from Russia. I expected a medical reading; I got clarity on my relationship lifepath. In a nutshell, he described the spiritual landscape of my aura and said that my mate will need to be someone also of expansive landscape. He cautioned me against seeking a "pretty face",stressing that I open myself only to a woman of spiritual sensitivity. There's more, much more, but that is the essence of what I feel important to share with you right now.

I didn't entirely connect with Dr. Gregory's approach or perspective, yet he did reinforce my own awareness. I know what is intended for me, and I would rather remain alone than compromise that in order to be with someone. In an important sense I believe you and I know each other well. In many other ways we are virtual strangers. So I have only an intuitive impression as to who we might be to each other.

I am aware that my impression could also mean something quite different than matedness. But clearly it is a strong and beautiful enough impression that I want to continue exploring it with you, no matter what we find our intended relationship to be. I'd like to know now, of course, and yet I would not wish to be deprived of the joy of discovery. The mystery of a gift is enhanced by its careful unwrapping, and to me you are already a gift such that I don't believe I've ever beheld.

I Feel A Tug

Meanwhile, ole T is romancing a student, Lety Seibel, in the current (2001) Wilderness Guide Program! He acts like her letter is such a surprise, but eyewitnesses in the Guide Program later told us that the romance had been going on for quite some time.
From: "Tamarack Song"
To: Name Withheld
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002

Greetings ***,

There's something I feel the need to tell you right away: I received a letter from Lety (I believe you'll remember her) asking if I would be her mate. I viewed our relationship quite differently - as Seeker and Guide, and I knew her to be celibate besides, so I am taken aback. A doorway has been opened that I didn't know existed.

I know you and I have just begun to crack the 'strangers' shell, and we know not how our sharing might unfold, and at the same time I am clear that you are a singularly unique, cherished and vital person to me, guided to me for some special reason. That may have nothing to do with the present unfoldment regarding Lety, or it may. All I know now is that I feel a tug, a need, to open to you this new state of my being.

You are far away; hard as it would be, I would feel much more comfortable sharing this with you in person. I am concerned about your feelings; I will honor your needs in whatever way will best serve you.

Feed My Bloated Ego With That Woman-Energy Stuff

From: "Tamarack Song"
To: Name Withheld
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002

Greetings Be Woman Being,

You've been known to delight me, on specific occasion you've amazed me, and now you brandish both at once! I am deeply grateful for your perspective, your self awareness, and your acceptance. It is an honor to know you as I do. My affection and regard for you has not changed, could not change; it will just manifest in a different way.

You mentioned that over the past few weeks there were personal signs or indications that were causing you some uneasiness around our unfolding. If you would feel comfortable sharing that with me, such as how they manifested and your way of being (there's that woman-energy stuff again!) with them, I would surely enjoy the broader knowing of the ways of your feelings and sensitivities.

The Activist piece that I had in mind to send you is, as I now look at it, far from even a rough draft. It's more a stream of consciousness and collection of notes. And yet I will send it, because it is timely and topical, and because I would like to share that aspect of myself with you. And, most importantly, I send it because I promised! After all, what is a man if he is not a man of his word. Yea!

Blessings to you,
do-wop a doin' man

PS This weekend I am making determinations regarding enrollment in the year-long program. I would be honored to have your participation. You'll be getting some paperwork in a few days. And I promise that you'll learn how to catch Fish. (There I go giving my word again . . .This time you have it in writing, so you can hold me to it!)

And now we've ALL got it in writing. Jackass.

Overwhelming, Consuming, Chasing (Violating ) You

Tamarack thinks women are given to him to "facilitate my flow." The female student's reactions that he is describing in this letter reflect a perfectly natural response to sexual harassment. He uses the accusation "overwhelm" as a self-compliment rather than its intended indictment by those, who in the past, have experienced his gluttonous, desperate violations.

God what a self-absorbed creep.
From: Tamarack Song []
To: Name Withheld
Date: Thursday, January 31, 2002

Greetings ****,

When I first became aware that something special might be intended for you and me, my natural impulse was to get together with you to explore and discover what that might be. I thought I might ask you if you also be desirous of such, and if you might be able to take a short break from work.

My friend, Fox, suggested instead that I rather allow some time to see what might unfold. That made rational sense to me, as after all we barely knew each other in a conventional sense, and to boot I have a history of overwhelming people.

In short order our early history seemed to verify Fox's advice: I perceived most of your correspondences as being sparse and guarded, and some of them painfully slow to come. And then there was your admission that you were feeling overwhelmed and request for me to slow down.

After that your signals grew mixed, or so was my perception. So I relaxed into that, deciding to allow our sharing to find a dynamic that was comfortable for both of us. That to some degree stifled my spontaneity and my ability to list to and honor the Voices, but it seemed better than the not-so-unlikely tradeoff - consuming you. The upshot, the cost, was that I lost, or partially lost, the continuum with you. It had nothing to do with you being second choice. It had to do with fear -fear of overwhelming you, of chasing you away, and of hurting you in the process. I believe that Lety may in part have been given to me in order to spare you and to facilitate my flow.

In retrospect I would have respected Fox's advice, and yet followed my own guidance. I would not have tried to second-guess your actions-reactions, as another's reality does not validate or invalidate mine. Perhaps I would have completely overwhelmed you, and that would have been OK. And then again perhaps we would have blossomed into our sharing. Because of my negotiating with the now, we will not know that. I should have known that you were capable of many and wondrous things, in fact I was aware of that, but my fear of the possible fallout, and my caring for you, overshadowed that.

Now I am in a place of acceptance. I feel sadness and I feel joy. I wonder what might have been and what will be. My main desire is to be in the moment, to realize that things unfold as they are intended, and to glean the teachings from my choices. My biggest overall regret is that I do not know you as a whole person. I do not know how to relate with you, listen to you, share myself with you, in a way that I feel confident is true and full. Such a dichotomy: you have been so close and yet so far away. I don't believe I will make that mistake again.

... cut ...


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