Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lazy Settler Glenn Helkenn Needs Your Help to Save the Trees!

Help, help! Know-it-all settler Glenn Helkenn needs a volunteer to save the Teaching Drum's trees!

It's just too much work, Dear Readers. Won't someone, anyone with easy answers and a willingness to do all the hard grunt work step up and do it for intellectual wanker Glenn Helkenn. He just can't find the time or the will power to save a few trees! After all, he is too busy writing tomes explaining why whites are really natives and Native Americans (agriculture, oh god) aren't.

Quick, quick. Volunteer today! But don't worry, like everything else in the white man's world, it's only temporary...

From: "Glenn Helkenn"
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 12:34:40 -0600
Subject:[Teaching_Drum] Temporary position at the Drum

We have a need here at the Teaching Drum for someone who would like to put their energy into saving the trees along Military road. That person will be involved in working together with the circle here and the larger area community, doing tasks such as researching, making contacts, informing and educating folks about the issue, planning actions, and taking part in those actions. We need someone soon, as this issue is really heating up right now.

Room & board, plus a possible stipend may be available for this work. We're looking at a couple of weeks to a couple of months as the likely duration for this position, depending on how things go (yep, this is one of those "work yourself out of a job" type jobs!).

Email or call us if you’re interested at: or # (715) 546-3388


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