Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Toltec Moments with Guy Handy, er.... Lety Seibel

Once again, try not to piss yerselves laughing! This really is a tragedy.

Ah, the New Age Narcissist song of all about me and my total unaccountability to reality. If only I love myself enough, I WILL FEEL NOTHING.

And anything bad that happens, happens because WE didn't love enough, not because we live in a racist, classist, sexist caste society that exploits those of us in the lower orders for the benefit of the upper castes (read rich, old, white males). Nothing like a fairy tale romance with oneself to
anesthetize the pain, aye gal?

Lety’s Toltec Corner
Lety Seibel has asked to have a place in this newsletter to share stories, quotes, and anecdotes from her life’s Mentors. The words and intent with which they were given have touched her deeply and are compelling resources on her personal journey of healing and self-mastery. She gifts them back to the Source, which dwells within each one of you, empowered by Gratitude for the awareness and bliss they reconnect her with.

About the Toltec: Though anthropologists referred to the Toltec as being a race or nation, Toltecs were in fact artists and scientists known as "women and men of knowledge" throughout southern Mexico thousands of years ago. These people came together and formed a society to explore, live and preserve the spiritual knowledge and practices of the ancient ones. The Toltec's is a way of life which recognizes the spirit that creates, preserves and moves through matter. From this recognition is born the cherishing appreciation which makes love and happiness readily accesible in the every day.

The goal of the Toltec is to consciously take every action as an expression of the One Being or essential unity of truth.

This letter from my Toltec mentor, Brandt Morgan, was chosen as a first offering because of its foundational importance. Its message continues to gift awareness regardless of how many times it is read. With permission it is shared with you.

"Dear Toltec Family,

This letter is about the importance of loving yourself. I am writing it because I believe it is the most important thing you can do –– both for your progress on the Toltec path and for fulfillment in your life. Yes, there are many skills and habits that are powerful and helpful for attaining personal freedom, but I know of none so powerful and effective as self-love.

Here are a few reasons why loving yourself is so important:

1. If you truly love yourself unconditionally, you will automatically be impeccable with your word. You will be unable to criticize or abuse yourself, and you will not tolerate abuse from anyone else.

2. When you truly love yourself, you will be immune to the dream of the planet. You will be immune to gossip and anger and poison of all kinds. Things people say about you will not bother you. You will be able to really listen and learn from others, but there will be nothing in you that will accept their poison. You will no longer shoot arrows at yourself, and the arrows others shoot at you will turn to flowers before they can even touch you.

3. Your world and everyone in it is a mirror for how you feel about yourself. When you have unloving thoughts or feelings about yourself, you automatically project them onto others. When you truly love yourself, you project unconditional love onto others. The love you send out will come back to you many times over.
Actually, we have found that the extreme contempt we have sent out to those expecting us to suffer fools gladly, has in fact, come back on us a hundred fold - in the form of wonderful and dedicated allies and mentors and friends whose bullshit meters are second to none.

Not to mention the side-splitting, medicinal laughter we have at all your Twinkie antics, numb-drums.

Who says payback doesn't heal?


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