Friday, December 23, 2005

We're Banished!

Folks, looks like Same Ole Song seems to think we are playing Dungeons and Dragons, with him (and only him) deciding which characters live or die! Whatever. In any event, the rumour of our deaths has been greatly exaggerated. We can assure you that Angry Uppity Bitches United and the Kill Whitey Coalition are most alive and well and looking forward to a long and fruitful Tamarack takedown. In fact, we hear just today that he is begging for help in setting up a website to counter our offensive.

Rest assured fans that it is up to Yahoo email to decide just how many characters are playing in this game, and so far, the sky is the limit.

And dear god! Is that Ojibwe he is butchering at the bottom of this email? Are clanindigenoushuntergathers even allowed to use technological tools like Ojibwe-English dictionaries?

Yes, Same Ole Song, we have "returned" from our banishment. Now the real question is - just how many email handles do we have at all your Yahoo groups, and are you talking to any of them right now? We sure think so!

Glad you like our "teachings" whitey, cuz we are gonna be taking you to school for a very long time!

From: "Tamarack Song"
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 14:28:21 -0600
Subject: [Teaching_Drum] A death in our group

Greetings to my Kin,

As an elder of the Circle, this person has been asked to inform everyone that "Teresa" has Passed Over (died). In her life she had brought us a tremendous gift -- an awareness of the preciousness of Truthspeaking. She had also struggled with recognizing that what really matters is not what we do, but how we do it. This made it very difficult for her to speak the truth of her heart and honor the truths of others. She has chosen to Walk On, so that she would no longer torment her people, and so that she could reconnect with who she really is, and find healing. If and when that happens, she will come back to life and return to gift her Circle with the intrinsic beauty of her person and the balance that she walks. We will then hold a great celebration, welcoming her back as a long-lost sister.

As her kin, we support her in her Passing Over by recognizing that she has become invisible. Her spirit will want to linger, because it finds comfort here among us. This is good and necessary, because it gives us the opportunity to participate in her journey by consciously sending her off. If she stands in front of us, we are to look through her; if we hear her voice, we are to ignore it completely, so that her spirit will not be fed. If a "From TF" e-mail comes, it gets deleted without even opening it. Any acknowledgment at all, of her existence, will keep her here, rather than embarking upon her healing journey.

"Teresa," we are grateful for your time with us and we honor you for the powerful teachings you have brought us. We wish you blessings on your walking, and we await your return.

Mashkigwatig w Nagamon nindizhnikaz, Gookookoo neen dodemTamarack Song, Owl clan,on behalf of the Teaching Drum Circle

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...banishment! Dan must be working some good old, medieval European practices into his philosophy as well. It fits.

You must have REALLY pissed him off to get this treatment...phew! He was pretty pissed when I last talked to him too...but I didn't get banished. How do you rate? :-)

12/04/2010 10:48 PM  

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