Monday, December 26, 2005

Getting His "Intended to be Mated" On

We wonder what would happen if a student applying to the University of Wisconsin received a letter like this from the Dean of Admissions. Slapped with a sexual harrassment lawsuit, perhaps? You better believe it.

By the way folks, we think Same Ole Song's hitting on female students anticipates the need to deflect any future criticism with the "spurned woman" excuse.
Rumour has it that several women over the years have received one of these "intended to be mated" letters. We are putting the word out for copies.

So, you say it's been a while since you've met your match in a man. The same is true with me concerning a woman, and that may currently be changing forme as well. As you know, I felt some powerful resonance with you as I indulged in the piece you sent along with your application, and the timing of its arrival and a couple other signs involving you only reinforced the impact.

We may have been guided to each other for one of several reasons;one may be that we are intended to be mated. The prospect alone excites me, as I have lived alone for eight years now and I dearly miss the dimension a woman of shared spirit could bring to my life. Oh, there have been women,and I know women now, but I haven't known one with the rare courage and vision it would take to Walk beside me. Nor have I known a woman I have been able to be myself with in the fullest sense.

Better than a turn of the seasons ago I, quite by happenstance (yea, right!)found myself the holder of an appointment slot with Dr. Gregory Antonym, an intuitive healer from Russia. I expected a medical reading; I got clarity on my relationship lifepath. In a nutshell, he described the spiritual landscape of my aura and said that my mate will need to be someone also of expansive landscape. He cautioned me against seeking a "pretty face",stressing that I open myself only to a woman of spiritual sensitivity. There's more, much more, but that is the essence of what I feel important to share with you right now.

I didn't entirely connect with Dr. Gregory's approach or perspective, yet he did reinforce my own awareness. I know what is intended for me, and I would rather remain alone than compromise that in order to be with someone. In an important sense I believe you and I know each other well. In many other ways we are virtual strangers. So I have only an intuitive impression as to who we might be to each other.

I am aware that my impression could also mean something quite different than matedness. But clearly it is a strong and beautiful enough impression that I want to continue exploring it with you, no matter what we find our intended relationship to be. I'd like to know now, of course, and yet I would not wish to be deprived of the joy of discovery. The mystery of a gift is enhanced by its careful unwrapping, and to me you are already a gift such that I don't believe I've ever beheld.



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