Monday, December 26, 2005

We Have A Critic

Someone recently sent us an email with the following response to our new website. Boy, we sure get the feeling somebody does not love us. Or our uppity language. Well, what can we say but gosh darn it to heck. And we were trying soooooooo hard to be liked.


Well, I read through the entire blog, and while I can see that you spent quite a lot of time on it, I have to say that I was quite disappointed.

Though you may have been correct on the fact that Tamarack Song adopts the Ojibwe culture and language selectively, your accusations of racism are a straw man. It's ridiculous, really, and I am prone to believe that through your venomous spewings in italics, name-calling, and cussing, that you are more for hating the man than helping him. Even if Tamarack Song would agree to offer books and an inclusion of the current conditions of local Indians, it wouldn't be the end of your hate. It seems more likely that you have something on a more personal level with him, and you are blinded by that hate.

My advice is to find something else to pick on, and leave Tamarack Song alone. There are plenty more targets of a political nature that would be much more on the level with you. Even if he isn't 100% there in your opinion, he is probably at least half way there. How many more people out there in the US are no where near the understanding that an average green anarchist is at? In other words, pick on someone your own size will you?

Just being honest.

Honey, the use of Ojibwe language and culture selectively is racism, straight up. There's no room for hedging there. And nobody here is trying to "help" Tamarack Song. The twisted creature is beyond help. Belive us, the overwhelming emotions we have for Same Ole Song are disgust and pity. If we "hate" anything at all, it is his behavior, not his person. And if you have better targets for our "level" then name them. Until then, you are going to have to offer a much more thoughtful response to our charges than "you hate him," because if there is anything we absolutely cannot stand, it is the intellectually lazy.


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