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Anti-Activist Hypocrite Tamarack Song Becomes an Activist to Save the Trees

Whites calling themselves "natives" at the the Teaching Drum Outdoor School become activists to flag old growth trees slated for removal.

Remember Tamarack's answers when challenged as to why he refuses to take action to confront the apartheid, anti-Indian system from which he as a white settler benefits? Here's a refresher from Same Ole Song, A White Supremacist Song -


"Why aren't you folks more politically active?"

Because political activism is largely ineffective and corrupting. Whoever buys into the oppressor's rules and tactics, inevitably becomes the oppressor. The political-judicial process changes little or nothing - success is defeat, progress is an illusion. From greater perspective, the system becomes stronger when we engage it, because a system gains strength merely by its use.

Causes and movements are largely diversions from the real work that has to be done. They sap energy, remove participants even further from the essence of the issue, and create more illusions atop those already existing. And yet they are not a complete waste, because the powers-that-be, love them - malcontents are kept visibly and predictably engaged.
Our activism here at the Teaching Drum is not conservative or liberal, it is barely visible to most, and it is profound in magnitude and earthshaking in effect. It is too radical, too off-the-board, to find resonance with any existing group or movement. A full understanding of what we are engaged in would make most activists look like sideline conservatives. We see our way to be more transformative and far-reaching, and thereby more effective, than standard activism could ever be.
We feel that social-political activism is spinning wheels - a diversion from the work that really needs to be done. It is akin to focusing on surface lesion, and meanwhile the causative disease grows stronger. Activism is loved by the powers-that-be, because they feel safe, knowing exactly who you are and what you are doing. "Better overt than covert" is one of their mottos. They so much prefer having a highly visible, predictable resistance, that they often surreptitiously support opposition movements. When none exist, they will sometimes create one. An enemy helps coalesce their support and strengthen their power base, and gives them sanction to tighten control. And activists, by the very fact that they are activists, are playing the game by the rules of the powers-that-be, which means they are in control. In essence, activists usually end up empowering the hand they are trying to cripple.
We've now had 10,000 years of activist politics, and the living situation on our Mother-planet the has yet continued to progressively worsen. That's enough for us -- we say a 10,000 year trial period is more than fair. It's time to get back to what works; we simply cannot afford to keep the social-political-religious experiment going any longer, and we have no interest in wasting any more of our time and energy on it, either as supporters our detractors. We have dedicated our lives to what has proven to work for millions of years; why ever would we want to toss that aside in favor of a 10,000 year flop?

Meanwhile, back at the ole "rules for thee but not for me" hypocrite, Tamarack has been quite busy over the last few months engaging in some very activist-like actions - including letters to the editors, town hall meetings, petition signing, and organizing a partnership in the Three Lakes Wisconsin area to fight the removal of old growth trees along Military Road.

Why he and his self-titled "native" followers have even set up a web page!!!

Note what school spokesman and Tamarack lap poodle Glenn Helkenn had to say to a reporter about the tree removal's impact.
"Just from our standpoint," said the school's Glenn Helkenn as we stood in the road one day last week, "this is our storefront."

After the vote and subsequent attention brought to the project, said Helkenn, opposition to the plan "has just ballooned since then. Native Americans have gotten involved, neighbors up and down the road . . . people from all over the community have got concerns over this project."

A meeting to form a "Partnership to Save Military Road" attracted about 40 people, said Evan Cestari, also with Teaching Drum, and launched such efforts as a Web site,, a letter campaign to town board members and a petition drive that will be presented at an informational meeting at 5 p.m. on Wednesday at the town offices in Three Lakes. Engineers for the project are scheduled to explain their plans, and representatives of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be available to answer questions.

They'll no doubt get some. Goldie Longtail, cultural preservation officer for the Mole Lake band of Chippewa Indians, said it is likely there are remains of tribal members buried along the road that would be disturbed by reconstruction. Tribal officials "don't want Military Road disturbed at all," she said, calling it "a spiritual thing with us."

Helkenn and others argue that if the issue is safety of motorists, as backers of reconstruction claim, the so-called improvements might actually make it more unsafe. As it is, the hilly and winding route demands slow going. But if the road is widened and curves straightened, higher speeds could lead to more accidents, he said. In fact, opponents have collected accident reports that they say show Military Road has had only three non-alcohol or non-drug-related accidents in 20 years, and those were caused by a deer, a tire blowout and bad weather.
Main attraction

Beyond that, Helkenn said, reconstruction could forever change "the last road of its kind in the area - an irreplaceable scenic and historic treasure and a unique contribution to tourism."


How perfectly clan hunter gatherer of you there, Team Hypocrisy.

And isn't it interesting to see how suddenly Tamarack Song and Glenn Helkenn need Native Americans now that the trees that attract tourists to their Playing Indian school are being threatened.

Did WE not challenge Tamarack over a year ago now to begin to change his school's curriculum to better relate the history and struggles of Native Americans PRECISELY that he might prepare himself and his students for a time when they would need to ally with Ojibwe people to fight a common oppressor?

YES, we did.

Maybe if Dan Konen had not been such a self-absorbed narcissist surrounded by servile enablers, he might have been better prepared for what was coming. He would already have known the history of that road and its relationship to indigenous peoples, and not had to spend "thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours most of us didn't have to spare, along with having to face angry and mean-spirited people."

Oh, poor baby. Were dose bwad people mwean to woo?

When Tamarack was challenged by dissident voices, he did not want to listen because he will not be held accountable to anyone but himself. Even after the temporary victory the Three Lakes partnership won, Tamarack is still making the issue all about him, as this whining letter to the editor reveals:

Fear and Loathing in Three Lakes
When I first got involved in the community, I was treated like a piece of...well, to put it politely, I was treated like I didn't matter. A faction of the Town Board first ignored me, and when I didn't go away they gave me the runaround. When that didn't work either, they tried to discredit and censor me.

A healthy organization welcomes new thoughts and energy, because they help it grow and adapt to change. Thankfully, that is now starting to happen in Three Lakes. New faces are appearing in our town government. There were many kind and caring people who had given up because they thought there was no chance for their voice to be heard. They now have renewed hope--they are speaking up, getting involved, and coming to Town Board Meetings.


Talk about strengthening the hand of the oppressor.


As Tamarack advised: "The political-judicial process changes little or nothing - success is defeat, progress is an illusion."

Unless HE is the activist, of course.

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Blogger shivam said...

great article, i sort of want to make a point about proximity, he's defending his local bits of eco, does tamarak point to 'activism' thats more like flying pickety, ie outwith the backyardsy type of thing? he does seem to be a bit of a beaut doesn't he though, i've got a pal thats there the now as well...

8/19/2009 4:17 PM  
Blogger Saladman said...

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9/28/2009 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your motto seems to be contradictory to your own doings.

It is strange that you would spend so much of your life refuting another person and the path they walk, as if everything he does is some personal attack against you. I am not claiming the side of Dan/Tamarack. I have no side at all, as I am just a neutral observer. It seems that it really doesn't matter what he does, you will hate him. How does that feel inside of you? Seems it is eating you up.

It is your own path, not mine, but I cannot imagine writing my "to do" list and including "checking on/managing the website I created because of my hatred for another person" Taking everything he does as personal is as ego-centric as you claim Mr. Song to be.

I have not read every bit of this site simply because I have no time for that, but I skimmed many pages and saw very little about what you claim it's purpose is .... "educat[ing] ourselves further about the realities facing indigenous people, not only in the Wisconsin area, but on Turtle Island and beyond."

This site seems mostly a track record of everything Tamarack has ever said (that you can get your hands on) as attempted proof of how terrible a human he is.

I doubt it will do any good to say this, but you may want to examine your own judgmental/hypocritical behavior before casting any stones.

We are all human and have all gone back on things we have said in the past for any variety of reasons but especially because life is always flowing and changing, and our reasoning for one thing may seem contradictory to our reason for another.


3/13/2016 10:57 PM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

Wes, do you always mouth such bumper-sticker platitudes?

How do you manage to use so many words and say so little?

Fuck off back to your parents' basement!

3/16/2016 1:04 PM  

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