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Ten New Seekers Going Hungry at the Teaching Drum

As much as these clowns obsess about food and how its gathered, you'd think Tamarack and Co. were afflicted with eating disorders. Actually we really do wonder if anyone in Lety's or Tamarack's family has ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder. It would be interesting, certainly, if something like that could be confirmed, and it would explain a lot about the sick, controlling mentality that marks the philosophy behind the Teaching Drum. In any event, we have no doubt that food is quite the weapon around the Konen family table.

Enjoy the road kill and handful of berries, Suckers - um - Seekers. Remember, the staff at the Big House gets first dibs on the tasty treats YOUR money bought. You get the moldy food drops.

Particularly heartening to see in this broadcast from Lety is to what great effort she goes to explain away criticisms of the school from those who have experienced it in the past. We concur with her however that if you are interested in paying $6000 to eat roadkill and go hungry while living 24/7 with dirty, cranky strangers - please do go visit the school first.

From: "Lety Seibel"
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 06:36:52 -0500
Subject: RE: [Teaching_Drum] Re: This years Wilderness Guide Program

For those of you curious or interested in the WGP, the first step is to get a WGP information packet which goes over description, philosophy and logistical details. You can order it through our webpage wwwdotteachingdrumdotorg (I'm writing it like this to minimize spammers collecting the 'ready-to-click' address)or by calling the office here 715-546-2944.

The second step is to visit with the current participants for a full week and be completely immersed in the experience, this is the only way to dispel myths and get a glimpse into what it is really about. This step is so vital that it is required before an application can be submitted.

To tackle Nick's questions: the year-long is going great! There are 10 Seekers in two camps, 4 of them women. There is way too much to say about what they are working on right now as the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of being are all involved in the process of re-awakening,so will give you a synopsis.

Right now they are living in tents, they are gathering material for and building bark lodges. They are foraging all their drinking water, greens and protein, the School is still providing them with fruit, along with a small amount of starch and fat. The berry season is beginning, so soon they will be providing all their own fruit. So far they have made baskets, wooden bowls and eating utensils and are working of making fire by friction. They have learned about wilderness hygiene and first aid, direction
finding/lost- proofing, and many other foundational skills. Breaking mental patterns, awareness and attunement exercises & truthspeaking are integrated into the everyday until they cease to be 'exercises'. They will likely begin hide tanning soon.

Every year's process is very uniquely tailored to the people participating and we discourage comparisons from one year to the next because it sets people up for disappointments and reinforces the 'future/past- projecting' mentality which is already so rampant everywhere. One of the great challenges for people is to be fully present in the moment and that is one aspect which is emphasized and nurtured in this experience. Outwardly the timing and skills practiced during the WGP may seem to vary, and yet the core concepts are fully covered every year. After the year's experience we encourage Seekers to test out these universal concepts by applying them to the next step on their journeys, thereby reinforcing them and having them as
allies for the rest of their lives.

A couple of people from Australia have visited the School in the past including a man who took the Program three years ago; I could check with him and give him your e-mail address if you'd like to get in touch with him.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you do with the food stamps you receive? Better yet, how are you able to legally receive these? When applying or should I say lying, do you inform them that many of your residents have large bank accounts elsewhere?? Also, why is Dan Konen receiving medical assistance when he claims he lives off the woods?? My my my, so many questions, and so much proof!

1/14/2008 1:51 AM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

Spot-on points, Anon.

Tamarack's hypocrisy knows no bounds. He always forgets to mention the hefty, non-profit tax breaks he gets from the US government as he rails against American Indians for failing to be hunter-gatherer enough. When the school only cost $3600 a year, you saw more food-stamp collecting students. Now at over $6000 a year, it's mostly trust-funder types. BOTH look down on Indians for failing to meet the impossible standards of white primitivist purity.

Dan Konen has to receive medical assistance from the Establishment because a) he binges on ice cream and other things that put his intestinal tract into knots, and b) because traditional healers - especially women - won't get within a mile of the self-absorbed guru and his adolescent white boy cult. Konen doesn't live off the woods; he lives off the tourists!

Questions like yours, Anon, send the Tamarack's of the world scurrying for the dark places under the woodwork. Or behind the fridge!

1/14/2008 7:29 PM  

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