Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chronic Misogynist Tamarack Song Makes Warrior Website For Men

The women of Oaxaca, on the front line for their people.

Tamarack Song, and co-delusional lap dog Glenn Helkenn, are mustering all the misogyny they can to promote their latest dog, a website for keyboard commandos. As if playing Indian wasn't bad enough, now they wanna play Warrior (without those uppity women, of course, whose gender and fighting spirit is completely invisibilized by the sexist language of the website).

Pompously titled "The Guardian Warrior Fellowship of the Old Ways," the androcentric site opens with this gem:
The guardian serves and protects the well-being and vitality of the people while looking on to the unborn seventh generation and harkening back to the subtle wisdom of the ancestors. The guardian is not a soldier or warrior in the civilized sense, and is not concerned with vanquishing or conquering enemies. The guardian serves no rulers, rather, he serves the circle with guidance from his elders. In the old ways of our hunting and foraging ancestors, the guardian serves not only his human kin, but all his kindred -- all of his relations. Only when the whole circle is strong can the lasting well-being of the people be assured.
His, his, his, his, his!

The rest of the site is just more of Tamarack's self-absorbed, Fake-lore writings. One of the stated purposes of the site is to enable white poseurs to link up and come together for "intermittent training (via gatherings, informally, etc.,)" and "formation of viable guardian traning camp(s) & fellowship(s) in active service of the people."

This from the same crowd of perpetual losers who could not even get enough folks to come together for the third annual Spring Gathering, which was subsequently canceled.

Talk about intermittent!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan Konen has always abused women. Everyone needs to know this. His life is one long path of destruction. DO NOT buy he B.S. Look through the veneer and see his REAL intent. People that are awake do not stay long...they couldn't. The Drum is a horrible and unhealthy place. Spread the word.

12/05/2010 9:11 AM  

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