Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tamarack Admits He Approached Female Students and Volunteers


Otherwise known as sexually harassed. Can you imagine the fallout if he had "approached" male students, volunteers, and staff in this way? Why do you think he felt so comfortable with this heterosexual male entitlement? Patriarchy? You betcha.

The following letter was sent as a matter of spin control to the female student he once "approached" when students in the Wilderness Guide Program began questioning Tamarack's treatment of both her and other women. The whole, sordid tale had finally come out, adding even more drama/trauma to that year's Wilderness Guide Program, a program that twelve out of fourteen students would eventually quit in disgust.

Conveniently, Tamarack forgets in this letter to add Lety Seibel to the list of women he hit on. She was a student in the previous Yearlong at the time they began their romance, and eyewitnesses have stated that she was more than an occasional visitor to his house that winter, when Tamarack was also writing the applicant/future student.
From: "Tamarack Song"
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002

Greetings *****,

I've lived alone for the past nine years, since Bub's mom and I parted. In that time I've known three women: ___________ in 1994 - 95, _____________ in 1998, and ________ in 1999 - 2000. They were long distance relationships (______ lived in Texas and Hawaii, ______ was from Illinois, _______ hailed from Madison) and none of those women were associated with the School. Prior to you, I have not approached, nor had involvement with, a student of the School.

When _________ first came to the School as a volunteer, I wrote her a letter, she responded, and we each quickly realized that we were different people. Perhaps it is sheer coincidence, perhaps not, that you and her - the only two women I have opened to here at the School in the 15 years of its existence - are here at the same time, in the same camp.

I think you are aware of this, I think you know me. My hunch is that many (if not most) of you at camp (you included?) have made more romantic overtures, and had more intimate partners, than me, in the past 15 years, even considering that some of you have not been sexually active that long.

I have high regard for your intelligence and astuteness. My hunch is that you know me, that you are aware of the above. And I think you likely remember how I approached you, what I was clear about and what I wasn't. In the same breath I wish to state that I feel you need to do what you are doing, so I offer no judgment or resistance.


PS If/when you might like to connect, I would probably be willing.

No judgment or resistance, aye? OK, we're gonna hold you to that when we move into the Banishment phase of your "approach" to those who dare resist your depredations.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad I've found your website here. My girlfriend's heard about this Teaching Drum and after I checked out their website my bullshit/wannabe/poser alarm started going off in my head. Glad to find some real evidence of this to show my woman. Thanks

5/29/2007 3:34 PM  

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