Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fellowship of the Fakelore Phonies A Flop

The Fellowship of the Fakelore Phonies, otherwise know as The Guardian Warrior Fellowship of the Old Ways, is apparently a bust. Guardian Warrior Glenn has absconded to the very radically hunter-gatherer University of Alaska, and Guardian Warrior Dan Konen (acting as Tamarack Song) continues to beg for help titling fakelore books that no one but himself will publish.

The Guardian Warrior Fellowship of the Old Ways website states the following as its "Vision for the re-emergence of the guardian way & the creation of the fellowship":

1. Build common cultural understanding via information
& discussions through this website.

2. Individuals begin laying the core foundation for
training (connecting to our native selves).

3. People linking up & coming together for intermittent
training (via gatherings, informally, etc.,).

4. Formation of viable guardian traning camp(s) &
fellowship(s) in active service of the people.
After months and months and months of the existence of the Guardian Way website, a whopping total of twenty-nine posts were made for the ENTIRE year of 2007 at the online hunter-gatherer primitivist yahoo group set up to facilitate their warrior vision. Replete with fakelore galore, the website - like everything else Tamarack Song - shows what happens when Anglos separate indigenous wisdom from the community of real Native Americans to who it belongs. Tamarack's writings posted on the site are a bizarre mix of re-worked, Native American-esque themes and tales whose real origins are obscured so that Dan Konen can claim credit for (and sell) the stories without being accountable to the very specific, Native American nations for whom these themes have helped create cohesive societies for millenia.

Of course, the last thing Dan Konen and his Teaching Drum groupies want is accountability and cohesiveness, as evidenced by the number of white tourists - like Warrior Glenn - who just come and go as they please. Nothing speaks more directly to the nature of white privilege than the capacity to pick up and leave whenever "The Old Ways" become financially, emotionally, or intellectually inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Despite the warrior website's flop, however, the white males playing Indian at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School have managed to dig themselves a very nice hole of late. Note the butchered Ojibwe they use to give their mud hole and support camp that ring of Indian authenticity that every white wannabe just must have.

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