Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fakelore Phony Tamarack Song Begs For Writing Help

Nothing can help this chronic racist's writing. It's why he's had so many editors come and go over the years. Tamarack's work is new age junk and most people (eventually) know it. The title's below were submitted by Tamarack to the Teaching Drum list with the request that his white wannabe hangers-on choose their favorites.

The book titles reveal that Tamarack is a thinly veiled, authoritarian Christian who's made Agriculture his fakelore philosophy's Original Sin. Since most Native American culture's were/are agricultural, Tamarack naturally judges them unworthy of respect, and as we have seen in earlier posts, he uses this justification for his racist, narcissistic cultural imperialism.

Note also from the titles that Tamarack is still trying to sell to Anglos the white supremacist idea that they can become Native/Indigenous.
Book 1 Title Possibilities


How We Went from Kinship with All Life to Purveyors of Death

Why We Work

How We Abandoned Fields of Plenty for Factory Toil


Our Plunge from Endless Abundance to Chronic Scarcity

Exodus from Eden

On Our Devolution from Children of the Earth to Planet Rapists

Weep for Eden

Why We Traded the Beauty Way for Shame and Drudgery


How We Traded Foraging for Factories


How We Lost Paradise and Found Despair

Alpha Predator

Why We Enslave Animals, Turn Meadows into Killing Fields,

and Endure Lives of Constant Sorrow

What It Was to Be Human

Why We No Longer Run with the Wind and Dance to the Drum

The Daily Grind

Why We Abandoned the Bliss of the Now to Toil for Trinkets

The Troubled Ape

How We Traded the Beauty Way for Lives of Constant Sorrow

Hell for Life

How We Brought Misery to the Jewel of Creation

The Terrible Revolution

How We Transformed Abundance into Scarcity and Bliss into Misery

From Freedom to Factories

How We Plunged from Kinship with All of Life to Plunder and

Our Twisted Journey

Why We Raped Our Mother Planet

The Price of the Plow

How We Traded Dreaming and Dancing for Drudgery and Depression

Plague of Humans

How we made our Mother Earth an Alien Planet

Grub and Hoard

How we traded the freedom of the wilderness for the shackles of the

March of the Human Horde

Why We Take, and Take, and Take

Fall from Balance

How We Became Refugees from the Beauty Way

The Slaving Ape

How we went from free-roaming clanspeople to beasts of burden

Where the Wild Things Aren’t

How Conquering the Planet Conquered Our Spirits

Paradise Trashed

Why We Dragged a Plow across the Face of Our Mother


How We Became life's--and our own--worse enemy


How We Became Blind to Endless Abundance and Now Can Never Get Enough

Arrows to Bullets

How We Traded Freedom and Frolic for Endless Work and Blind Obedience

Plows, Towns, and Kings

How Our Shift from Gathering to Gardening Brought Never-Ending Sadness

Trinket Lust

Why We Abandoned Dancing in Eden for Dragging a Plow

Bitter Journey

How We Were Blinded by Baubles and Estranged from All Life

Book II Title Possibilities

Become your Your Nature

The Tears and Joys of Returning to Your Primal Self

Rouse the Sleeping Bear

On Shedding Our Urban Skin and Donning the Beauty Way

Our Forgotten Nature

A Roadmap for Awakening the Native within

Original Instructions

On the Shift of Consciousness from Programmed to Spontaneous Being

The Second Coming

How to Reawaken the Native Within

How to Be Human

On Returning to Our Indigenous Way of Being

Waking to Your Nature

Relearn What It Is to Be a Native Human

Go Native!

How to Do It and What to Expect

Dance the Moon, Shake the Thunder

On Rebecoming Your Natural Self

Conjuring up Your Lost Nature

A Travel Guide to the Heart of Being Human

Invoke Your Inner Native

How to Blossom into Your Intended Self

Return of the Wayward Ape

How to See Life through Native Eyes

Book III Title Possibilities

How to Start a Native-style Community

A Roadmap through the Consumer Way to the Gifting Way

Living like a Circle

How to Start a Gathering-Hunting Community

Return to Eden

Practical Guidance for Living the Old Clan Way

Crying for Community

How to Live like a True Child of Earth Mother and Sun Father

Return to the Mother

How to Leave the Greed and Live in Community the Native Way

The Original Instructions

How to Live in Community like Your Native Ancestors

The Journey Home

How to live in Balance with Our Kind and All Our Relations

Walk the Old Way

Start Your Own Earth Community

Return of the Clan

A Manual for Re-Creating Our Ancestral Culture

Back to Creation

How to Recover Our Indigenous Social Culture

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