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The Pudgy Indian: Our Great White Savior[s]!

Cheers to the wonderful Pudgy Indian (Eugene Johnson), who acting on a tip from his wife Shusli Baseler-Johnson, has linked to us in his post "Our Great White Savior[s]!"

Eugene's righteous outrage leaps of the screen in disgust at Tamarack's website and the self-absorbed writings found there.

Indeed, the subject of any of Tamarack's writing is always and ultimately Tamarack himself. He just uses fakelore, wannabe atmospherics to try and give his fraud an air of authenticity, which never fools real Indigenous people, as the Pudgy Indian clearly demonstrates.

Here's an excerpt from the post:
Great White Saviors:

Shusli turned me on to this fella she found on the internet calling himself Tamarack song. Another white guy who knows more about being Indian than any silly Red Nigger types. She found him in visits to some of the informative websites she visits. She is awesome in the way she can find these things.

Before I get into Tamarack, as it were, let me just tell you that I've seen this type of behavior not only in Red Country with Great White [Male] Saviors, but also in the alleged Peace community and SO MANY OTHERS. Some white males seem to want to be the saviors of the world instead of just seeing themselves as part of the solution. They get an attitude of: "my way is the only way for "I" am the Great White Savior of the World! KNEEL BEFORE ME (especially you hot looking hard body college girl types)."

I hate reading about how people like Tamarack Song talk about themselves (and say quite often that they are not), so I'll leave it up to you to read the supplied links. The hipocracy, the attitude, the self-glorification. Throughout what I could stomach of Tamarack's website, he talked a shitload about himself and very little about what he actually does, other than write books he wants you to buy. And, of course, his knowledge is supplied to him via Indian folks. He exploits it and glorifies himself.

When Winona Laduke stands on the podium, she does not talk about what a great person she is. She talks about the issues of her peoples and the world that we as fellow humans should be made aware of and need to take care of. Same with Vandana Shiva. Same with Arindati Roy. Same with Howard Zinn. Same with Shusli Baseler-Johnson. Same with James Craven. Same with so many others.
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Anonymous Rorschach said...

Just as Tamarack appropriates Ojibwe authority, you appropriate American Indian Anger. And just as Tamarack comes off looking like a sad parody of a "noble savage" you come off looking like a sad parody of an "angry indian". What's the matter, couldn't find your own high ground for righteous indignation, so you had to steal Native Americans? The funny thing is, even though they have good reason, I've never met another Indian as rageful and spiteful as you. You cheapen their legitimate anger with your sad little personal beef with Tamarack Song.

3/18/2009 2:02 AM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

Ahwww, wazza madder, whiner. Are you scared a little righteous wrath's gonna make it harder for you to enjoy the benefits of white predation?

So why aren't YOU outraged at the injustices visited upon indigenous people, hmmmm?

Enjoying all those stolen resources too much?

So, great master of all things authentically "Indian," do tell us, where did you get your authority to judge what is and is not righteous American Indian Anger (US Patent Pending). So go ahead and set a good example for us: show our dear readers some "appropriate" anger at Tamarack's racism and sexism and narcissism and cultural imperialism and lies and pathological self-absorbtion. Really. Go ahead.

Or is there some reason why you can't get it up?

3/18/2009 6:47 PM  
Anonymous Sunset said...

You know better.

"Whiner", favorite dismissal of narcissistic abusers everywhere.

You look at the world and you see what you are. You think being pissed off suddenly makes you righteous? How many stolen resources do you enjoy? Well, one thing is for sure, you REALLY enjoy that stolen righteous wrath, don't you?

You're obviously a white boy.

Tamarack plays the noble savage, enlightened Indian stereotype to gain his high ground. And suddenly he's higher than everyone, even real Indians. You play the angry Indian warrior against genocide stereotype to gain your high ground. It also puts you higher than anyone, including real Indians, with real Indian anger, or real Indian desires to move on and make it in the modern world.

Neither you or Tamarack would last a week on a Rez.

You're both cut from the same cloth, no wonder you hate him and he loves you so much.

You know better.

4/15/2009 1:16 PM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

Nonsense, Fool.

By your silly reasoning, no man could ever be outraged at the rape of a woman. Or be an ally in women's struggle against oppression. No father could ever hate the man who battered his daughter, no woman the man who raped her son.

You didn't answer our question. Tell us what is certified, official "Indian Anger".

And what are you doing to stop Tamarack's predation that makes you so authentic? Show us YOUR work.


4/16/2009 10:49 AM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

"... desires to move on and make it in the modern world."

Says it all, don't it Folks?

This white boy wants Indigenous people to "move on" and become white. He wants everyone to forget about all those American Indians dying of genocide RIGHT NOW because of imperial occupation. He wants Indigneous people to forget who they are and become good little corporate capitalist earth rapists like he is.

No wonder he hates (and fears) our anger.

Sorry charlie - as the old saying goes. We ain't buying your lies. Creeps like you keep us good and pissed and that's what you just can't stand. Because it draws a line in the sand against your predation.

4/16/2009 11:15 AM  
Anonymous Weather_Oar_Knot said...

Rorschach and Sunset --

And have you confronted Tamarack as forcefully as you have confronted the anti TD folks here on this blog?

What was his answer to your courageous challenge?

You were able to find the courage to confront him as well, right? If you see both parties as equally misguided, you have given BOTH the same level of uncompromising engagement, yes?

What did Tamarack say to all your questions about his identify theft? Hmmmmm?

4/17/2009 10:49 AM  
Anonymous Pleasure Treasure said...

Let's see. Sunset thinks Nemeses is a hypocrite, and Nemeses thinks Sunset is a coward.

So like, when're you two (three, four?) gonna get a room?

Nobody is that passionate about their trivial opinions unless they have the hots for each other.

Can the rest of us get a look-see at the pics when you're done?

4/20/2009 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Deimos said...

It's tragic that we can't take some
of our "libidinal energys" and do
something positive with our lives.
The polar ice caps are melting. species are going extinct every second. Things don't look too good for the future.
We need to take a look at the big
picture and try and put aside our differences and work together.
I know that this is an impossible
task but we need to take our anger
and frustration and work at making
a difference. We've all been screwed by people in one way or another and most of us feel angry
amd bitter. But time is running out fast people. Today is Earth Day. Let's think about how we can
work together.
Respectfully, Deimos

4/22/2009 1:16 PM  
Anonymous Sunset said...

Anger is fine, but Indians don't need some whiteboy to lead their charge, or charge off alone "on their behalf".

If a man "angry" at rape grandstands and spends more time on his soapbox saying "Look at me!" "I'm angry!" Then talks over the actual rape victim and runs off with his own agenda (like kicking the ass of some guy who just slept with his girlfriend) that's something else.

Anyway, the five minutes of my time you're worth has just expired.

If you don't get it by now, maybe you never will.

Good luck single handedly championing Indians against that "racist genocidal maniac" (little old mildly annoying guy nobody's even heard of) in cheese-head land.

4/22/2009 2:04 PM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

Ahhh, Sunset.

If only you really would leave. You've been trying for years, poor dear, but the snark always gets the better of you.

Everybody has a responsibility to confront white racism. We don't expect a man to wait for permission from feminists to stop a back-alley rape happening right in front of him.

BTW, Sunset. No Indigenous people have ever complained about us. Only sour settlers like you do that. In fact, our posts are regularly repeated on the Angry (!) Indian's Indigenist newswire. And we do not do this work alone. We have many contributors who make this website possible - some of who have asked to remain anonymous.

So far, you've said nothing to make us crumble into a heap of quivering jelly, throw in the towel, and delete the blog. We've been at it for almost four years, and look forward to many more.

The people who have written in to this site, or to us privately, have kept us inspired and motivated with their kind "thanks" for warning them not to waste money or time on Tamarack. Each and every one of those human beings are precious, they are not a waste of time -- so therefore, neither is this blog.

If you want to keep up the frustrated baby-fist waving, you go right ahead Sunset. We find countering your silliness entertaining as well as good practice. Thanks for being a contributor. Despite your angry snark, you are always welcome to comment -- and get spanked.


Don't fret, Hon. You'll find the love someday.

4/22/2009 2:24 PM  
Anonymous Pleasure Treasure said...


It looks like you thought Sunset was a bigger fish than he turned out to be. You got overexcited and set the hook too deep. But your Sunset is a tireless fighter and he is not going to come into the boat - and you are not going to cut the line.

Better forget the camera and take a pair of hook-removing pliers to that room the two of you SOOOOO neeed to get.

Can you two just not admit you've got the hots for each other and work it out with a pillow fight?

4/23/2009 5:47 PM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

We find it odd, Sunset/Rorschach, that you have not chosen to accuse us of aping feminist anger in the way you accuse us of aping whatever in your trembling mind is "Indian anger". This website has exposed, at length, Tamarack's sexist harassment of at least one student we know. Why no accusation from you of "stealing" from feminist anger?

No doubt you know plenty of doormats who would not raise their voice against your predation, (you married one, afterall), so how do you think our readers would view you if you said you knew no woman who had stood up to violent men in the way we stand up to Tamarack? We think most of our readers would laugh at you and say you did not know very many women.

Here's your first comment with the changes:

"Just as Tamarack appropriates Feminist authority, you appropriate Feminist Anger. And just as Tamarack comes off looking like a sad parody of a "noble goddess" you come off looking like a sad parody of an "angry woman". What's the matter, couldn't find your own high ground for righteous indignation, so you had to steal women's? The funny thing is, even though they have good reason, I've never met another woman as rageful and spiteful as you. You cheapen their legitimate anger with your sad little personal beef with Tamarack Song."

See how stupid you sound now, Sunset? Tamarack harassed a female student. She has every right to be as angry as she wants about that, and we have every right (in fact, duty) to be as outraged at what she suffered as she is. We don't have to be raped or harassed to feel angry about it happening to someone else.

Of course the problem here is not us, but you. In your own words "You look at the world and you see what you are." So this means it is really you who's angry, Sunset, since you have taken a great deal of time accusing us of being angry.

So why are you so angry at us, Sunset? Why aren't you happy with your doormat? Why, after spending so much time here, are you impotent to create the change in us you want to see? Why do you waste your time?

Again. And again. And again.

Yep, you clearly know nothing about women. Why should we believe you know anything about American Indians?

5/03/2009 3:16 PM  

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