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Tamarack Trys to Explain His MTV Pimp Job

The more he writes the deeper he digs the hole.

Frighteningly, the narcissitic nutter actually thinks MTV has provided him with a "vital audience." When you're a self-absorbed guru hungry for any scrap of attention from any vapid corner, we suppose that is probably true.

The Teaching Drum dramas highlighted in the special were certainly NOT the fault of the program, as Tamarack asserts, but a normal consequence of shallow whites - with more money than sense - playing Indian for $8000 a pop. If Dan Konen really thinks white settler youth are experiencing "depression, drug abuse, and suicide reaching epidemic proportions" he should see what's happening to Indigenous youth. Their rates of suicide are THREE TIMES that of whites. See this New York Times article "Indian Reservation Reeling in Wave of Youth Suicides and Attempts."

Euro-American creeps like Tamarack Song stealing Indigenous culture for his own psychological and financial gain have everything to do with the genocidal conditions prevailing at the concentration camps otherwise known as Indian reservations, no matter how blithe a spin he tries to put on his own motivations.
Greetings folks,

This is going out to everyone in my address book

Now that the hoopla's died down, I'd like to share some of my perspective on this experience. I'm told that various blogs and chat groups are abuzz trying to figure us out, with most opinions conveying either wonderment or damnation and little in between. We're either a doorway to self discovery and hope for the future or puritanical extremists/an isolationist enclave of clueless relic hippies/a lockstep guru-adoring cult. (One thing has held true from day one of the Teaching Drum: nearly everyone is stirred in some way by our reawakening focus.)

Only a minority saw through the program's media hype and personal dramas to the underlying themes. Some viewers got stuck because they took it personally and judged themselves (or felt they were being judged); while others, judging the medium, blinded themselves to the message.

So why the media hype and MTV-style format? To reach a vital audience. "This business can be challenging, " explained the program producers to me. "[We would have to] greatly simplify the Teaching Drum program [for] the young audience who is used to high-paced, overly dramatic programming while also introducing them to a lifestyle that is unique and thought provoking."

My reply: "Of course the program would have been given a different spin for a different audience. People need to be reached where they're at. No matter what the message, it does little good if it's delivered in a foreign language."

It all began with the MTV producers coming to me with a challenge: Do you think you and us can put together a program focusing on the Year-long experience that will help our lost youth see that there is more to life than they've been given? "I'm painfully aware of the audience this program would be geared for and its demographic, " I responded. "With depression, drug abuse, and suicide reaching epidemic proportions, this is a vital group to reach with the message that there are options in life. Whether or not they ever live in the wilderness, they could benefit so much from this program's underlying message that life is not just what you see, but what there is to discover."

Believe it or not, I haven't yet seen the program. While folks here went out to find a TV so they could catch it (remember we're a puritanical isolationist enclave), I took advantage of the precious quiet time to do some writing. Of course I'll watch the program eventually; to me it and whatever its content or slant is secondary -- what I most cherish is the fact that seeds were planted.

Cubbs, our ascended virtual reality avatar, says you can have your very own copy of the program via Torrent download: http://www.mininova .org/tor/1893218

Fair warning: this program was just a warm-up -- there's more to come. I'll post again soon.


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Anonymous Torjus Gaaren said...

I've never met this man called Tamarack song, so I can't really say much about his personality.

But you seem to believe that civilisation is sustainable and that he is taking on another culture. First of all, solar panels, farming and non-nomadic living in general isn't sustainable because it allows a power structure to emerge and reinforce itself. You can't really keep someone under control if you can't stay in one spot for very long, can you?

As goes for he taking on native American culture. Even in Europe we used to live like this, although quite a few generations ago. From what I know Teaching Drum doesn't confine itself to teach Ojibway culture, but also draws inspiration from other cultures when it comes to technology and lifeway. But of course, since the area where the Teaching Drum is placed is in an area formerly used by native americans, it is natural that they draw a lot of inspiration from them.

Civilisation isn't something stable and long lived, 99% of your ancestors lived in the stone age too. Although you may have failed his program or been rejected in some other way, doesn't mean that you really are unfit for this lifestyle.

Why don't you give up your hatred and try again?

10/28/2008 6:38 AM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

Show us where we ever said civilization is sustainable.

If we lived like this in Europe, go find Europeans sources for the lifeway. Tamarack conducts the sacred Sweat Lodge ceremony, which is not indigenous to Europe. Saunas, yes. Sweat Lodges, no.

Yearlongers are taught snatches of Ojibwe language to use with each other to give the school its playing Indian atmospherics, but the students have ZERO contact with real Ojibwe people or culture.

The Teaching Drum is not in an area "formerly used by Native Americans." That area is by treaty, tradition, and international law still the sovereign territory of the Ojibwe people, who are still alive and imprisoned in the concentration camps settlers call Reservations.

We are well aware that 99% of our European ancestors lived a sustainable lifestyle in extended family groups embedded in nature. That does not change the fact that whites in Occupied Turtle Island can never get "off the grid," as The Grid is white privilege granted to us because of our skin color at the expense of the native population.

As long as Indigeous peoples are systematically dispossessed and exploited by racist institutions, there can be no such place as Off the Grid until those institutions are systematically dismantled. Anything less would be like WWII Germans starting an intentional community a few miles away from Auschwitz and then trying to claim the moral high ground because they don't work at the camp.

If you don't hate Tamarack's racism and sexism, then it is YOU who needs to give up the white supremacy and take a stab at basic human decency again.

10/28/2008 5:36 PM  
Blogger Nemeses said...

And Torjus.

If you're so primitive, how can you defend a man who just went on MTV?

And charges $8000 for the Yearlong program?

How many poor youth of color do you think have that kind of money to throw around?

Jeesh. No wonder so-called primitivists are overwhelmingly white and male. Instead of the Garden of Eden, you puritanical hypocrites have Agriculture as Original Sin.

And how do you people explain that at the time of the European invasion of Turtle Island, the overwhelming number of Native Americans were agriculturalists? Yet they were peaceful.

And why is it that no primitivist we have ever known can explain WHY agriculture started at the time in human existence that it did? What caused the fundamental break with a sustainable way of life that had obtained for millenia upon millenia?


Without that forensic pathology, you haven't got a clue as to how to dismantle civilization, except like your fellow Christian bigots, to wait for some far off Apocalypse to free you from your narrow little worlds.

10/28/2008 6:06 PM  
Anonymous Alan T said...

When I watched this "True Life" episode I could not help but think Tamarack and his trusty sidekick were staying in 4 star accomodations and relaxing in a hot tub eating room service while the students were told to stay in their respective mud huts. Quite funny.

1/10/2009 8:15 PM  

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