Friday, April 18, 2008

Tamarack and Lety Want Your Children

These people have absolutely no shame or accountability for their past schemes that haven't worked, so they just make up some new ones, all the while the list of failed schemes continues to grow - the 2002 & 2007 Yearlongs that lost 22 people, the wolf sanctuary, the warrior way website and gatherings, unpublishable books, the yahoo group forum, etc, etc, etc.

Now we ask you, would you really want your children around a writer as bad as Lety Seibel? Or around a woman so desperate to be seen as the eternally-giving, unquestioning earth mother that the first thing we want to do when we read anything she writes is check her basement for decomposing bodies.

What do ya'll wanna bet that her own children aren't in the best state of mental health?


From: "Lety"
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 10:43:03 -0500
Subject: [Teaching_Drum] We need your help

Greetings Friends and Relations,

The cozy white blanket of snow over the Mother's bosom keeps getting replenished by one after another Spring snow storm. When the warmth melts snow and uncovers the Earth's skin to the shining sun, another snow cloud repairs the brown holes with new patches of white. The tug-and-pull is fully on! There have been days in the woods when the smell, the light and feel of the air were those of a full-fledged green season day, except that the ground wore a thick layer of white! On another green-season- feeling occasion, the sound of the Spring Peepers filled the air until the realization struck that this was a lucid dream! Under these signs, sugar bush was set up early during a cold-night, warm-day spell which quickly turned to a quarter moon of solid storms.

Eventually, the sap started flowing in earnest and we boiled down over two gallons of syrup. Then more storms, which truly bewildered all the newly arrived and emerged Relations, and now the sap is flowing again. Who says our moods and whims are not modeled after our Mother!

At Mashkodens, the Wild Moon experience continues to flow and evolve as the second group of Wild Mooners say their gigawaabamins. Before long a new group of Seekers will be arriving for their turn of the seasons at the camp where the Old Ways return. And here at the support camp (Nad'mad'ewining), we are revving up the energy to bring a couple more families to complement our budding children's culture.

Would you care to help us? If you do, would you take a look at our invitational link
http://teachingdrum .org/childrenscu lture.html and forward it to families with children that might have an interest in checking out the possibility of being here?

Miigwech and rich transition time wishes,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would I want my kid to go to a dirty hippie camp, where the lead instructor asks them if they want to go somewhere and 'connect'?

I'd rather send my kid to Ted Nugent's kill it and eat it week long survival camp where they wouldn't have to be afraid to close their eyes at night.

10/06/2008 4:38 PM  

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