Saturday, February 23, 2008

Confused Naming Dodems Lose Who Tamarack's Impregnated

Who's yer Daddy? Inquiring New Ager "dodems" wanna know!

The letter below comes courtesy of a contributor who forwarded the handwritten piece to us for publishing. The front of the document contains a note from Tamarack to one of the Teaching Drum cult's basecamps. The other side is a page of writing from a chapter titled "Gifting Path," and is covered with red editor's marks in Tamarack's own handwriting. We've done our best to translate how he intended the story to read, but who knows? He makes up so many things at once, that he can't even keep straight which Dodems (T.'s imaginary friends) are supposed to visit which impregnated earth mother when.

Eh??? No wonder all his editors quit.
Aaniin Folks,

Ken will take you out Spruce Root gathering. He's been doing it for years, & I've shown him how to do it well & right. He'll also show you, after you get back to camp, how to process it (strip the bark, split & coil) and store it.

Could one of you scoot over to the other side to get Niingaabian? If anyone is close to done working out a hide, perhaps you could finish it quickly, or take it off the rack & finish it by hand.

Have big fun!

Back of the note:

My son's name, for which I Quested, is given voice only on the most sacred and private of occasions. Zhingakwe and I normally call him Wabibineshi (Algonquian for Little Morning Bird) in Honor of the Bird who brought his spirit, and who sang every morning in the Moon before his birth from a Tree just to the Southeast of the Birthing Lodge. The song was unique; it was not heard before from a bird of his kind and it quieted immediately upon the birth.

On the waning of the fourth White Season following, the Morning Bird returns, resuming his perch and singing his unique song, but it is garbled. Why is he back and what is to be made of his distorted voice?

Upon reflection I grow fearful: He came with clear voice to bring Wabibineshi forth; might he now be here with muddled voice to call Wabibineshi back? In the next few days, I find that Zhingakwe, who I am no longer with, is to have a child in another place of another Dodem, yet she was still mated with me, under the guardianship of my Dodem.

[Huh? Bub's mum, Lisa, is under Konen's guardianship, but he doesn't know she's preggers and about to have a child?]

Morning Bird had been confused; at the behest of my Dodem, he came to his old perch near the Birthing Lodge to announce and guardian the coming of a new Clan member. Owl apparently knew of the new life within the woman, and assumed I was the father, so requested of Morning Bird that he come sing the new arrival. However, Morning Bird sensed some imbalance with his own presence, which was reflected in his song. Still he honored Owl's request, for that is the way of things in his realm.

Once fully aware of the situation, Morning Bird left, returned Owl's Petition, and Balance was restored.

Our name is our banner; it travels before us and lingers after us, acting as both introduction and legacy. With Native People it signifies their primary connection with the Greater Circle, or with a particular being. Sometimes a name identifies culture, Clan affiliation,

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