Monday, January 28, 2008

Teaching Drum Non-Indian Adult Summer Camp Pics

Our thanks to an intrepid contributor who sends in these photos of hunter-gatherer wannabes setting a good example for the town of Three Lakes, Wisconsin during the Teaching Drum's Wilderness Guide program circa 2002. Ice cream and canoes make Tamarack Song's Playing Indian summer camp so much fun!

Our photo donor states that the person eating ice cream on the right kept that tub on reserve at the store for use during his frequent, in-town visits. We've heard of that being done with bottles of alcohol at bars, but never ice cream stores! Man, you gotta be some kinda bored with the Teaching Drum's Wilderness Guide program for a trip into Three Lakes to put that kind of a smile on your face.


Extreme tourism has its perks - like nice shiny new canoes:



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